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At Hopeful Hearts, we understand that navigating the world of autism can be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. Our Therapy Center is your haven, a place to find solace in the knowledge that you are not alone. Here, you'll discover strategies, stories of resilience, and a warm community of fellow parents who share your dreams, your challenges, and your unwavering love.

At Hopeful Hearts Early Intervention Therapy Center, our goal is to be the guiding light for families on their autism journey. We are committed to:

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Providing Support: We offer a nurturing community, expert guidance, and a wealth of resources to empower parents and caregivers.

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Fostering Hope: We believe in the boundless potential of every child and work tirelessly to instill hope in the hearts of families.

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Promoting Inclusivity: We advocate for a world where individuals with autism are embraced and celebrated for their unique talents and abilities.

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Sharing Knowledge: We strive to educate and inform, offering strategies and insights to help families navigate the complexities of autism.

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Building Connections: We create a network of support where parents can connect, share stories, and find strength in their shared experiences.

our story

Hopeful Hearts Early Intervention began with a heartfelt mission – to make the path of autism more manageable and hopeful for families like yours. Founded by parents who themselves embarked on this journey, we understand the complexities and joys that come with raising children with autism.

Our story is one of determination, empathy, and a burning desire to make a difference. We have walked in your shoes, faced the same uncertainties, and celebrated the same triumphs. It's this shared experience that drives us to provide unwavering support to every parent and child touched by autism.

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our vision

Our vision is simple yet profound – a world where every child with autism can reach their full potential, where every family finds the support and resources they need, and where love and hope know no bounds. We envision a future where autism is not a barrier but a beautiful part of the diverse tapestry of humanity.

Hopeful Hearts' vision is built on the belief that every child, no matter their unique abilities, has a place in this world, and that with the right guidance and support, they can shine as brightly as any star in the sky.

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our mission

To provide evidence-based early intervention therapies, education, and support to children with autism and their families, bridging the gap between diagnosis and independence.

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+63 962 393 7794

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Inspiring the best outcomes for Children to thrive.

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